Welcome message from Lystra Culzac founder of SCIENCE

Inspired by an experience; Driven by a dream!
Hello Everyone. Welcome to the Website of the Science Initiative for Environmental Conservation and Education (SCIENCE) and Heritage Museum and science Centre (HMSC) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. SCIENCE and the HMSC are long-time dreams of mine – finally realized. The dream begun at the tender age of nine, when, through my first real experience of birds and the natural environment, I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to help children and adult experience that beauty and joy that had so touched and inspired me. I was also inspired back then to have a facility that preserves aspects of our heritage and taught more about the wonder that is our natural environment. From that day onward, I came to understand that the only true way to develop a love and care for the natural environment, was to experience it. Since then, all my education pursuits have been around the natural environment. 
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Gathering as much information and experience so that I in turn can share it with my fellow man.I trust that as SCIENCE and the Heritage Museum and Science Center grow, they will continue to inspire all those who come into contact with us and pass through our doors. Since my own passion for the environment and its conservation begun in my youth, my message to youth is to dream YOUNG and dream BIG, and then work hard at achieving these dreams. It is too early to dream. To my colleagues and all supporters over the years, thank you for seeing us this far. We pray that you will all continue to walk alongside as we move forward.