HMSC - Heritage Museum and Science Centre

SCIENCE established the Heritage Museum and Science Center (HMSC) in 2012.  It is located in New Montrose, just outside the upper gates of the Botanical Gardens.  The HMSC was established as part of SCIENCE’s mission to promote science education (especially among the youth), and cultivate and enhance interest in biodiversity

and cultivate and enhance interest in biodiversity conservation and heritage preservation, through exploration, interactive discovery and stimulating learning environments. 

We invite donations of items that were utilized in the past and that can be used to improve our displays and heritage education.

SCIENCE Says Thank You!

SCIENCE wishes to extend sincerest thanks to all those who have contributed to and continue to support our museum collection.

We are particularly grateful to Mr. Wesley Edwards, who donated his entire collection of antiques, including cameras, telephones, and vinyl records, to our Museum. Mr. Edwards started his own collection many decades ago with the anticipation that he would one day open a museum. However, having to migrate from St. Vincent for family-related reasons, he donated these items to the HMSC because of our shared vision. Before he migrated, Mr. Edwards was also instrumental in refurbishing a 1917 WWII ground-to-air rifle which is a dominant feature at the HMSC. Further to this, he continues to support and encourage our works here in St. Vincent.

Feathers off to you Mr. Edwards, and thanks so much for your faith in us!

wesley edwards

Visit us today to view our exhibit!

Cost Adults $5 XCD, Children $2 XCD

Comments from visitors of HMSC

You can feel the passion! Beautiful and knowledgeable hostess

Le Febre Family

Very marvelous and nice tourist attraction and for locals too to have a look

S. Skerritt

Lovely display.  Brings back memories...

J and M Young

Fun and informative experience.  This museum is a much needed addition for St. Vincent.

B King

The idea coming from a young person is awesome and excellent! You have brought back childhood memories of a history from where I came and where I am now

D Bibby

Interesting to see what nature can bring out

F. Toyin

Really nice place.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful island folklore with us! …

D. Jeffery

AWESOME! Kids had a blast. …

L. Cordice
  1. Very interesting and educational museum. It reminds you of how far we have come as a people.  Also lets the the younger ones learn of our past….
S, J, E and B. Burnett

A very impressive and educational establishment.  A very unique institution….

E Belgraves

Keep it up.  Very educational, don’t lose it

A Latham-James

This place is awesome.  Very impressive and exotic.  The flower art, tie-dyed jewelry, ancient equipment and home supplies all give invaluable information.  Also the science projects – water filter and volcanoes are quite educational.  I applaud and support your museum….

P. Williams

Our travel companions continue to talk about how incredible it was to have you and Peewee show us around to your special places on St Vincent. You both were such passionate, knowledgeable, and fun hosts-  we loved everything about what you are doing on your island.  SCIENCE, the museum, your guiding—wonderful to have you share all of them with you both.  THANK YOU once again!

All my best—


Holly Greening